After Gum Treatments

  1. You may experience some soreness and tenderness after the numbness wears off.  An over-the-counter pain reliever, such as Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen, should be sufficient. It works best if taken before the anesthetic wears off.
  2. Use recommended mouthrinse at night before bed. First brush with your regular toothpaste, then brush with the following mixture. (1 squirt or 1/16th oz of recommended mouthrinse with 1/2 oz of water) Dip toothbrush into mixture and gently brush into gums.
  3. Rinse with warm salt water several times daily as needed. (Mix 1 tsp salt with 8 oz. warm water). This is to help the soreness of the gum tissues and promote healing.
  4. Avoid using any over the counter mouthwashes. Most of them contain alcohol which can aggravate tender tissue. 
  5. Your gums and/or teeth may be sensitive to hot and cold.  Avoid foods that may be too hot/cold and continue to use recommended mouthrinse to help with sensitivity. It may be used up to 3 times daily for one week to help with sensitivity. Avoid spicy foods and alcoholic beverage for a few days.
  6. Brush and floss thoroughly, even though you may be tender and it may bleed. Your hygienist will instruct you in the proper home care techniques to control plaque levels in the areas needed. Plaque control is the most important step in keeping and maintaining healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. 
  7. Your hygienist will work with you to determine the best personalized maintenance cleaning schedule. Staying on a 3 month  cleaning schedule will help to reduce plaque and maintain healthy gums. 

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